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Director – Focuz Academy

I forayed into education around 12 years ago, as I strongly believe that only education can bring about change and progress in society. The purpose of education is not just about learning facts and information. It is about putting the knowledge acquired into practicality and humanitarian, developmental causes. Education should not just leave you with a series of degrees attached to your name; it should make you a compassionate, well-mannered and reliable human being.
We, at Focuz Academy, believe in holistic education that encompasses academics, practical learning and acquiring skills for life. By inculcating technology into smart learning, we rear a breed of young minds that are bustling with self-confidence and ready to take on the challenges of the modern-day world.
Distance education still seems to be a distant thought for many. The fear of poor course quality or delayed course completion makes people still choose regular education over distant education. But at a premium academy like. Focuz, where we have consistently proved with our previous records and alumni testimonials, that distance education is a blessing in disguise for working professionals or people who have missed out on their education due to personal reasons. With a curriculum that meets international standards, world-class infrastructure, and top-notch training, this is your way to the future.

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